These bridesmaids bouquets were created with our bulk wedding flowers (photo: Cassie Rousch).


If you are budget-minded or just have a flair for arranging flowers, you might consider buying flowers by the bucket for your wedding.  DIY flowers are the freshest and best of what we have growing in the field, and come in a 2- gallon bucket.  A bucket typically can fill 8-10 mason jars depending on size. Pricing is $85 per bucket and will include a growers-choice mix of flowers and foliages. Buckets are available June 15-September 15. Premium flowers, such as lisianthus, large dahlias, and peonies may also be available and are sold by the bunch.  


Please note that in order to keep prices for these reasonable, we cannot offer consultation regarding amounts needed.  The range ordered is usually 4-6 buckets.  Also, we cannot accommodate specific color choices - this avenue is best for the bride who embraces a seasonal look with a rainbow of color (we can, of course, keep color preferences in mind based on quantities available in the field).  



DIY Bulk Wedding or Event Flowers