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Photo: Kim Klein

Are you looking for fresh, local seasonal flowers and unique designs for your wedding bouquets and centerpieces in Northern Colorado?  Then you are in the right place, and I'm delighted that you have chosen to be part of the local Slow Flowers movement, supporting small farmers and flower growers.  The quality of freshly-picked flowers over imported ones has to be seen to be believed!


I am currently booking weddings for the 2020 wedding seasons.  Although it needn't be, planning a wedding can be stressful, and so I'll try to answer some of your questions here.  Please contact me with other questions that you have and for a consultation!

There are four main options available for your wedding: 

Personal plus bulk flowers: Most of my customers choose this option!  We will put together your personal flowers, and provide bulk flowers that you can use for your centerpieces.

Just bulk flowers:  Please consult the bulk flowers page on this website

Just personal flowers:  We can also provide personal flowers "a la carte".   We will get together once before your wedding (or do it remotely) to talk about style and colors and look at photos.  There is no minimum. 

Full service:  For this option, we design, deliver, and set up all your wedding flowers, which will include the personal flowers (bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres) and centerpieces, cake flowers, and any other arrangements that have been ordered.  We will get together up to two times before your wedding (or do it remotely) to talk about color and styles and look at photos. There is a $1000 minimum for this option.

Please note: I can accommodate your color and look preferences for your wedding, but when you choose local flowers, you will get the best result if you place some trust in me and are as flexible as possible so that I can use the best and freshest of what is growing in my field.